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Tom Goes to the Natural History Museum

on April 18, 2012

Hey kids! Are you having a good week this week? I know I am! Even though there has been some rain here this week, Mrs. Sarah still took me to our surprise location.  We went to another awesome museum!! This time we visited a place called the Natural History Museum.  This museum is special because it focuses on the history of things found in the natural world.  There are special rooms in the museum where you can see ancient animals, things from the ocean, and even dinosaur bones! Mrs. Sarah told me that you had all studied dinosaurs earlier this year, so we took some pictures of the dinosaur fossils in the museum to show you what real fossils look like.


This is a Diplodochus fossil.


Can you name this dinosaur? Here’s a hint, its NOT a Triceratops.


This is a T-Rex fossil.

One of the rooms in the museum has different animals from all over the world that you may not get to see in real life. The animals are no longer alive, but they are real.  The scientists at the museum study the animals and when they die, they preserve them for the museum.  Here are some of the animals we saw.


This is a Walrus.  Walrus’ are difficult to see in the wold because they live so far away from people.  They are also dangerous because of their big tusks.


This is a warthog.  They live in Africa and are difficult to see because of their coats. They blend into their surroundings.


This is a picture of a real tiger, just like me!


This is a rhinoceros.  They have big horns on the front of their faces that are made up of hair!


This is a moose. They are so big that they make horses look small.

There is another room in the museum where there are all kinds of sea animals.  One of the things you can see in this room is a life size blue whale.  It hangs from the ceiling.  See if you can find it in this picture.


Anther thing I saw was a giant African elephant. I got to see how big an elephant is compared to me, and I learned that elephants have been around for a long time. How long do you think elephants have been around? Do you think they were here when dinosaurs were here?




In this picture I am sitting next to an elephants leg bone.  Do you see how tall the elephant is in comparison to me!

Another room in there are scientists who study bones.  There are skeletons and bones from humans and animals from more than a hundred and even a thousand years ago!


This is the jaw bone of a great white shark.  They have such a big mouth that they can swallow some fish whole.


This is a skeleton of a sea turtle. Can you see how his shell is actually made of bone?


Can you guess what kind of animal this skeleton is from?

We saw so many things in the museum: butterflies, mummies, giant diamonds, photos from around the world, and even a big snake! We had such a fun time and might even get to go back soon.  Next week we are going to meet some people who live here in this city.  We will share their stories and pictures after we meet them.  Mrs. Deborah told me you are all practicing for graduation! Mrs. Sarah and I want you all to do a great job, so keep up the practice!! We miss you and love you all! 







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