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A quick report

on April 23, 2012

Hey folks! There isn’t much to update here other than our continuing good time.  It seems that the time has flown by and I cannot believe we only have a month and a week left in DC.  We have both been so blessed being here, Justin in his job and me in the ability to relax and rejuvenate.  It has become our routine to venture out on weekends and simply end up wherever we end up.  Thankfully, my husband has a fantastic sense of direction so we rarely get lost!  Last weekend we had the privilege to visit the National Archives.  It’s one of the more traditionally beautiful buildings we have seen and seems to get overlooked by many tourists. 



Photos inside the Archives are forbidden but if you have ever seen the first National Treasure movie, just remember the scene where they have the party at the very beginning of the movie.  That is where we were, looking at the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  It was very cool!

It seems like we stumble upon the niftiest things whenever we don’t plan to go anywhere.  This was true of this past weekend when we went to Georgetown after dinner.  To understand the uniqueness of Georgetown its best to understand that the town is not named after George Washington as many assume, but after King George. It’s that old! We saw buildings and architecture that has been around since the early 1700’s.


A very old church


A view of Georgetown University

Living in DC provides for some unique experiences of its own.  Anyone paying attention to the news the last few weeks will have seen that the shuttle made its final “fight” to its new home here in DC.  The plane carrying the retired shuttle happened to fly over Downtown DC about four times and we were able to see the monumental event first hand. Nearly everyone here in DC was out on the street and on rooftops for the flyovers, so it was almost like a holiday. Here are some pictures we took of the flight. 



So living in DC has its up and downs.  Since we are staying in a hotel for the duration of our time here, I don;t have to clean or do any other normal wife like chores.  However, being without a car and completely reliant on Flintstones transportation, aka our feet, pesky little things like rain tend to keep us pinned in the hotel.  As a result of said rain we don’t have any fun stories from this past weekend.  Pray that the rain lets up soon so I can get back to my regular routine and Justin doesn’t have to go to work in the rain! 

Also If i can indulge, please continue to keep our hopes for a family in your prayers.  We are always thinking that this day will be the day when we will get the call telling us we will be parents.  The waiting for our child gets harder, the more time that goes by, and we would appreciate all of the prayers as we continue to walk this journey.  It helps to be on this DC adventure, but as it gets closer to the end, we look forward to our next adventure that will hopefully be parenthood! 

We will be traveling to New York in the next few days so look forward to a  fun filled post next week!  Love you all!


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