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A nature filled weekend

on April 5, 2012

Hey folks! So this past weekend Justin endured my childlike nature and indulged me. WE WENT TO THE ZOO!!!! No matter how old I get I will always love the zoo. Any zoo, anywhere and I am so there! So it was only a matter of time before we went to the zoo here.  I LOVED IT! And while, we didn’t take many pictures of ourselves, we did take some of the unique animals that are housed at the National Zoo. For one they have a rehabilitation program for pretty much any animal you can think of, so there are always babies at the zoo. Liek this cute little howler monkey baby-


Can you see it?

One of the funniest parts of our day was when a stupid tourist threw a brown bag of food to the giant panda.  We got to watch him tear into the bag, stuffing french fries, a sandwich and parts of the bag into his mouth. It was hilarious.



And just for fun, we saw an emu trying to escape his pen by pecking through the fence.


Watchoo lookin at?

So all in all the zoo was a blast.  And since we hadn’t had enough of nature on Saturday, we decided to join the throngs of tourists at the Natural History Museum on Sunday afternoon. For anyone who is wondering, every eight grader in the world seems to be in Washington DC right now. No lie, I passed by a group of German 8th graders the other day.  Its ridiculous.  So the museum was rather packed but we had fun running around adn seeing all the nifty stuff in there. Including-

A huge elephant





A great white shark jaw bone- and yes that is Justin standing inside of it!


And my greatest fear come to life-


For anyone wondering, no I did not go up to a real giant man eating snake.  Smithsonian researchers recently found a skeleton in a buried rainforest dig that has proved to be the biggest snake on record, hence the name Titanoboa.  They have recreated the snake, as seen here.


And yes, they recreated the snake eating a prehistoric crocodile- it is that big. Needless to say, if this snake was still alive and well in the world, I WOULD NEVER go outside AGAIN!

SO we had a nature filled weekend, and we had a great time! With Easter coming this weekend, we will most likely be light on the touring and picture taking.  We wish you all a Happy Easter weekend, filled with the love of Jesus and remembrance of His most awesome sacrifice for us.  Please remember us as we try to find a service to attend!  Love from us both, Justin and Sarah



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