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Family and Friends- the beauty of Washington DC

on March 23, 2012

Hey folks! So today as I rode on the metro headed out to take pictures of the beautiful cherry blossoms that have suddenly burst forth in our lovely city, I was struck by several things.  Among these was the fact that we are surrounded by beauty in our new surroundings, and not just necessarily the beauty of the city and the monuments, but beauty of a different kind. The beauty I am talking about is the fact that everyday as I walk through the streets I am surrounded by a barrage of cultures, races and diversity that is a continual example of how wonderful God made our world. I get to talk to random people on the train everyday and wave at complete strangers (thanks for the quality Mom!) that I pass on my wanderings, and these people happily and almost eagerly talk and wave back.  I have had some truly incredible conversations in these last few days.  One of the ones that comes most readily to mind is a conversation that I had with my seat mate on the train just two days ago.  You see, I was hungry for some good Christian fellowship and discussion (we have yet to find a church we can reach by Metro). This vivacious and talkative woman sits next to me on the train, despite the fact that I was sweaty from walking all day, and she immediately says ” It’s so nice to meet you.  Do you know Jesus?” Talk about a God thing.  We talked for our entire train ride about our love for Jesus and our similarities.  It turned out she was here in DC with her children, because her husband, just like Justin, had been moved here  for a few months. She had even lived in Memphis for a time!  That one experience made my whole day, and reinforced the wonderfulness of God’s connecting us all. 

All that to say we are still loving our time here.  TO keep myself from rambling any further, I will get to what you really want and post some pictures!


The cherry blossoms in bloom


Close up!


In front of the White House.(Notice the fountain dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day)


A view from Arlington Cemetery.


Justin in front of the Old Post Office- This building is by far one of our favorites so far! It was beautiful and had a tower where you could see the whole of DC. As seen here-




Well folks, that’s all for now! Hopefully we will have more “us” pictures next time, if I can convince my hubby to take a few pictures! Love you all!


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