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on March 13, 2012

Hello all! Just a quick post to show you a bit of what we are doing here in DC. While Justin is busy working during the week, we are able to go sightseeing and such on the weekends.  Life is truly different living in a hotel in an urban area.  We walk a half mile each Saturday to the grocery store which is oddly underground and in a parking garage.  Instead of driving we take the Metro EVERYWHERE and then walk even more to reach our destinations.  The weather here is fantastic (nearly 80 degrees today!) and we are enjoying it very much.  We are trying to space out our touristy trips so this weekend we decided to only go to a single Smithsonian Museum. Trust me that there are so many we will be able to go to one a weekend and still not see everyone by the time we leave.  We chose the American History Museum this past weekend.  It was amazing, filled with so many different things that I would never had seen if not for coming here.  They included- The Star Spangled Banner (yes the actual flag) Kermit the Frog, the Scarecrows costume from the Wizard of Oz, an entire exhibit dedicated to American war stories, and an unsettling exhibit about Thomas Jefferson’s bible. (Google it and you will be unsettled too) Walking around is a big deal here so we decided to take a short walk around the national mall on Sunday.  Here’s a hint to anyone planning to come up here anytime soon- there is no such thing as a short walk in DC! However we did have a surprise waiting when we got off the Metro at the National mall stop; a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  We watched for awhile, just marveling at the wonder of so many people just sitting around watching a parade.  While there is construction going on at the Mall, there was still plenty to see and we enjoyed walking through the Washington monument, the WW2 Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial.  I was continually amazed at the scope of the monuments- they are huge- and at the beauty simple stone can convey.  Anyway, things are still wonderful here and I and hoping they only continue to get better.  Now on to the fun stuff- Pictures!


Waiting for the Metro-think I am excited?


The Parade


At the Smithsonian


At the WWII Memorial, with the Washington Monument in the background



The Lincoln Memorial

That’s all for now folks! More to come later and love to all! Justin and Sarah


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