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Hello from Washington, DC!

on March 9, 2012

Hi kids! It’s Tom the Tiger writing to you from my new house in Washington DC. I have already had such a great time.  Yesterday I got to ride on not just one, but 2 airplanes! The first plane was really small. I got to sit right on one of the wings.  This is what it looked like outside of my window:

It was so cloudy that I thought I could walk on the clouds outside my window.  Because it was so cloudy, my airplane hit something called turbulence.  That means that it shook around and twisted a whole lot. I was scared at first but then Mrs. Sarah told me that the pilot had everything under control.  It turned out that he did! After I got off of my first plane, I had to get on another one to get to my new home.  This was my favorite plane ride beacause I got to have a seat all to myself!

My whole trip only took about four hours which is pretty amazing because there are over 850 miles between Memphis and Washington DC.  I have had fun wandering around my new neighborhood the last few days.  Instead of a neighborhood of houses, I live in a neighborhood of hotels! There are over 15 hotels in my new neighborhood so there are always a bunch of new people to meet.  Mrs. Sarah really likes our new apartment and so do I. I will send you a picture of it soon!  Well that’s all for now.  Mrs. Sarah and I are going to go sightseeing this weekend so next week I will tell you all about it!    Have a great week!

Tom the Tiger and Mrs. Sarah


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