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on March 9, 2012

Hello all from Washington DC! Well technically Crystal City, but seeing as I can see the Washington monument from our 14th story hotel room, we will call it Washington DC.  Justin and I have both arrived safe and sound and are having a wonderful time.  He loves his new job and is getting along well with everyone he works with.  I fear that after three months he is not going to want to leave!  Our new home is small but wonderful.  We have just what we need and we couldn’t ask for more.  The part of the city we live in is filled with hotels so in a sense I have traded one neighborhood of yards and houses for another of hotels and sidewalk cafes.  I love it. There are plenty of people here as right now there is a law convention going on so most of the hotels are full of young and budding law students.  Its made for some interesting conversations in the elevator.  The weather here is spring like for now, although it did snow last Tuesday.  Lets hope spring will arrive soon so we can continue to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms that are blooming everywhere!  Well, that’s all for now, but I promise to post more interesting things as we continue our journey!  Love to all!


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